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     The Holy Land
Since the retreat of the last ice age and incoming
of the first Welsh people to the present,Wales
has been a Holy land to people.
     The first people, the Stone Circle builders, Bryn Gwyn Standing Stonesseeking the divine felt the natural power and gifts of the divine in the land and build their shrines to their gods in the areas of Wales they felt the divine.....
Later at the end of the Stone age and the start of  the Metal ages,came the Druids they to felt the power and gifts of the divine and also worshiped in the speical areas given to Wales by the divine in Welsh places of nature. 
                                                                            MELIN COURT
After the fall of the Roman empire came the age of the Celtic Saints lead by the Welsh patron St David, bringing the message of the Jesus to the Welsh people. The early fathers and mothers of Welsh Christianity also felt the power and gifts of the divine and build on the faiths that went before it and from this a branch of Christianity began unlike any other in the the Christian world.